Business Concept


Our Dinamix® 3D motion pictures are sensational and innovative products that will generate large revenues for you as a business owner, in two different ways:

1st - At a kiosk, by simply selling your Dinamix® motion pictures in high traffic areas such as amusement parks, shopping malls, tourist attractions, etc. With this model, it is the user who pays for every motion picture taken.

2nd - At the corporate level by entertaining attendees at company events, product launching shows, annual conferences, sporting events, trade shows, etc. We generate high visitor traffic. In this model, it is the organizer of the event who pays per hour of entertainment. You can fully personalize the picture frame with a company logo and the company's promotional message on the reverse.

Business Advantages:

* Huge demand without major competitors!
* No commercial space or renting fees. It can initially be run from home.
* Fast and huge benefits from the first event!
* There are almost no overhead expenses.
* High profits on each product sold.
* Unlimited demand with an unexploited market opportunity.
* No major supplies or inventory needed
* Only a laptop computer, an ink-jet printer, a HD webcam and a trimmer are needed.

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